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To Fat To Be Loved
Where I Can Be Me
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11th-Aug-2009 12:53 am - Need to get rid of my fat quickly

You know I always try to sound so positive to others about how it doesn't matter what people think & misc..  But inside I'm screaming how ugly, fat, stupid, worthless and so on!!!  I try to be cheerful so no ones knows how I really feel.  I use to be the skinny sexy one & now I am the fat and ugly on.  You know people don't think that fat people have feelings and they don't seem to think we matter that much..  My Dr. told me today that I am insulin resistant and that's part of why I haven't been able to lose weight because it shuts your metabolism down some.  Damn, I need a break Im tired of feeling so worthless and you know I am not afraid of death.. When it comes it comes and I believe it will be a very peaceful journey..  I need to get my hands on some clenbuterol and how to get it.  If anyone knows please help me out.   I will be skinny again if not this fat is going to destroy me.....
8th-Aug-2009 10:28 am - Clenbuterol
Can anyone tell me where I can buy this without getting scammed??  Has anyone used this before & what were your results..  Please I need help and have heard this does wonders...   Im so ugly because I'm fat!! I need to feel beautiful again....
10th-Apr-2009 07:30 pm(no subject)
Hello ladies, I hope everyone is doing pretty good. I am new to live journal and still trying to learning everything.. Thank God I have a 13 yr old son who can help me with a few things.. ha ha ha ha  I would like to share a few things with all of you and would love to make new friends. I have had a hell of a year and have put on so much weight!!!  Yesterday marked 1 yr since my mother passed at the age of 61.  She had been sick for several years before she passed.  My husband and I have been divorced for 8 months now and he was mentally abusive. To give you ladies an example he started his 3rd affair 2 weeks after my mother passed. His excuse this time was he felt we couldn't talk over the last few months. No shit ass, my mother was dying!!!!  Then I became a grandmother (GIGI) at the age of 39... Oh Lord I have just about had enough!!! I have put on so much weight because I eat when I'm stressed.  I could wear sizes 4-6 many years ago and now I need to lose a 100 pounds. I have tried and tried for so many years and at that time only at about 50 pounds. I put on 50 pounds in the last 2 yrs!!!! I can't seem to keep myself motivated anymore because I get depressed and head for food.  I would love to lose 50 pounds by the end of May if I can. Please girls I really need the help.. I need suggestions and buddy partners. I have bought stuff to start the ABC diet on Monday after all my family has gone home. In my teens I never ate and it got to the point that at lunch I had to sit with my teacher to make sure I would eat. I can't seem to do that now!! Please any help I hate being fat like a pig and afraid no one could ever love me again because I am not perfect anymore... Sorry I went on and on but can't talk to anyone about this... xoxoxo
5th-Apr-2009 04:18 am - NEED HELP!!!
I hope all of you ladies can help me out!!!!  First of all I am new to this and may need help. I am 40 yrs old and I am a mother of 2 and a GiGi to a 6wk old grandson (yes I'm to you) lol  I have now been divorced for 9 months and I don't like myself at all. When I was younger I was very very skinny!!  Now I want to lose 100 pounds.. I know that's a hell of a lot.. I NEED HELP!!!   All advice is welcomed and appreciated.  My old high school sweetheart has been calling me and wants us to meet after 23 yrs.  I would love to lose 50 pounds by June.. Is there anyway I can do this???   Please, Please I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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